Hire a Nonfiction Writer

You want to document your life experiences, record your memoirs for posterity, chronicle the success of your company, or share the genealogy you’ve compiled—and you need professional help.

Whatever the end product you want, whether it’s a book, blog, website or electronic book (e.book), we’re at your service.

We can take care of your project from start to finish, as your ghostwriter, or tackle any combo of the following services.

Research & Interviews:

We will….
• help you define your subject, audience and publication goals;
• develop a full project plan, for your approval;
• scour books, public archives and the internet;
• conduct interviews with you and others;
• create documentary files;
• and write a chronological outline to summarise the research.

Writing & Editing:

We will….
• establish a narrative plan, for your approval;
• write a first draft;
• and revise it under your direction, ready for publication.

Publication Design:

We will….
• create an attractive product design, incorporating your photos and maps;
• design stunning covers that do your book justice;
• and set up your website or blog, or submit your manuscript for printing.

How Much Will It Cost to Write & Produce a Book?

That depends upon how much or how little assistance you need. Be prepared. If we manage the full project from start to finish, a short book of 50 pages may cost $5,000 plus, depending upon your specific needs.

Call us for a free consultation about your project. We’ll give you a written report with suggestions and projected costs at no charge or obligation.