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A New Wilderness Park on Quadra Island, BC

Explore a New Wilderness Park on Quadra Island
A new wilderness park, a place with lots of history, was announced last month by the BC Parks Branch. They’ve secured 395 hectares of land, a jigsaw puzzle piece that lies at the heart of two existing parks on north Quadra Island.  The funding arrangements required years of negotiation and a coalition of donors, including islanders, but it’s a prize well worth the effort!

Plan a hike or a kayak trip to celebrate. A great day hike starts near the end of the Granite Bay Road, on the trail to Newton Lake. At […]

Disturbing the Dead, A Read Island, B.C. Tale

Disturbing the Dead?
The Smith/Lang Family of Read Island & Port Neville, BC 

Daisy Pearl McLennan told her family very little about her childhood, but she couldn’t resist a prideful boast that she’d been the first white child born on Read Island, BC, on February 12, 1893. She said her mother died in childbirth and shortly thereafter her heartbroken father sent her to an orphanage, where he sometimes visited. When she came of age she lived with her father for a time. And that was it. End of story.

But, with some research, Daisy’s birth date proved a match with that of […]