The Scribes’ Substantive Editing Service

You’ve reviewed and revised your nonfiction manuscript several times. You know there are problems with story flow, character development, or sentence structure, but you can no longer see what works and what doesn’t.

You’re ready for a trained professional to offer a fresh perspective.

What You Get

The Scribes editors have your readers in mind as they assess the overarching challenges within your manuscript, from the story’s frame to writing craft and grammar. You’ll get thoughtful notations within your text and in a written report.

How Much Will It Cost?

The Scribes’ fee is $2.45 per double-spaced page (300 words). A shorter piece of 50 double-spaced pages (300 words p/p) will cost $122.50, plus tax. A book of 200 double-spaced pages will cost $490, plus tax.

Note that in some cases, depending upon your writing expertise, we may be able to combine both substantive and line by line editing into one step. Let’s discuss this option.

What to Submit for Editing

Send us your first chapter and we’ll identify the key issues to address in the revisions stage.

If your project budget allows, we recommend you send us the full manuscript. This is of particular importance if you plan to pitch it to a publisher or to print your own book to sell.

Complete our short questionnaire and attach your manuscript. It’s that simple.