Manuscript Review

Do you plan to pitch your memoir or biography to a publisher? Or perhaps you want your book to become a legacy for future generations? Let’s work together to give your manuscript polish and lustre.

What You Get

We’ll give you up to six pages of written feedback, and notations within your manuscript, assessing overarching issues such as story structure, narrative arc, and grammar. We’ll provide sound guidance for  revisions and insights into your manuscript’s audience potential and publishing options.

How Much Will It Cost?

We charge $2.45 per double-spaced page (300 words). A short manuscript of 50 pages will cost $122.50, plus tax. A book length project of 200 pages will cost $490.

How to Submit Your Manuscript for Review

Send us your first chapter to get some general feedback, or better yet, send us the entire manuscript for a full assessment.

Complete our questionnaire, to describe your project, so we can discuss it with you—and then let’s get to work!

A Special Deal for Family History Writers

Call us at Scribes for a free quote on our all-in-one, fast-paced review, an exclusive offer for family history writers who plan to print a small edition. Our assessment will give you some pointers on key grammar and story structure issues, along with some tips for printing.

Perhaps What You Need is an Editor?

If you’ve drafted and revised your manuscript to a polished state maybe what’s needed is the final stages of editing–checking for typos and grammar? This more involved notations within your manuscript and a written report. See editing services.