Coaching for Non-Fiction Writers

You got a great start on the draft of your memoir or a family history but got mired in detail and your writing ground to a halt. Or maybe you’ve completed a terrific final draft and what you need is some advice on self-publishing?

Whatever your queries, we can help. Personalized coaching is one of our favourite services!

How Coaching Works

Let’s talk in person, by Skype, or on the telephone in a series of conversations on the topics of your choice. (We highly recommend Skype for coaching. It’s free and it makes two-way conversations fluid and relaxed.)

Coaching can be the most economical way to learn new writing and organizational skills. You tell us where you need help and we deliver support and guidance. Our goal is to empower you to manage your own project from start to finish.

How to Sign Up for Coaching

Fill in our short questionnaire and let’s talk about your challenges and goals, at no charge.

Together, we’ll develop a plan for the discussions that follow.

What Does It Cost?

The $85 per hour for coaching fee includes advance prep, in response to your current needs, and followed up materials and tips. We’ll talk via e-mail to prepare for our meetings. If manuscript review is required between meetings, there’s a $30 per hour additional fee.

Lani Schonberg finds Skype works well for one-on-one coaching.

Lani Schonberg finds Skype works well for one-on-one coaching.