Assistance for Writers

You compiled your genealogy and got a terrific start writing your family’s history, a biography, or perhaps a memoir. It was going fine until your inner censor plunged you deep into writer’s block. You need help.

Here’s what The Scribes has to offer:

Coaching provides one-on-one guidance where you need it, and a sounding board to help you work through your ideas and concerns. This is the most economical and direct route for most writers.

Manuscript Review gives you an objective overview of the strengths and weaknesses of an early draft, and guidance for revisions.

Editing at several stages will ensure a polished manuscript you can be proud of—forever. We offer substantive editing for second draft revisions, and line by line editing to polish a later draft.

Publication Design is a crucial final step. Whether you’re creating a book or a website, you want it to stand out. And if retail sales are your goal, a classy cover is a must.

Scribes’ Workshops, Classes & Talks give both seasoned writers, and those new to the creative writing craft, the tools, tricks, backup materials and exercises they need to write with clarity and vitality.

• Free Tips for Writers are on our Blog; in the downloads; and on our resources page.