The Scribes, Comprehensive Writing Services

You have a story to tell. Maybe you’ve written a first draft of a memoir, family history—or indeed any nonfiction book—and you need objective feedback? Or perhaps you love to spin a yarn but writing is not for you? In either case, we can help:

Assistance for Writers:
• One-on-one Coaching.
• Manuscript Review.
• Editing: Substantive & Line by Line.
• Publication Design.
• Workshops, Classes & Talks.

Hire a Writer:
We can manage your project from start to finish, or anywhere in between.

• Research & Interviews.
• Writing.
• Editing.
• Publication Design.
• Self-Publication Options.

Free Downloads:
• Research Tips for Writers.
• Great Reads: About Writing.
• Great Reads: Memoirs, Fiction & Biography
• Research & Genealogy Sources, Updated Jan 2015

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