Self-Publication Options

Printed Books

A self-published book for retail sales is the most common end product. We can help you decide what the market potential is for your book and give you direction for budgeting, marketing, sales and distribution. Be prepared. You need to develop some savvy business skills to succeed at self-publication for the retail trade!

A budget for self-publication should include editing, design, free promotional copies for reviewers and 40% margin for book sellers, as part of your calculation of the retail price.

For top quality production turn to a traditional printer for a mass printing quote. The more you buy the better the unit price. We can design your book and send it to your printer.

A print-on-demand book is perfect for a  small print run for family and friends. You’ll get good quality and you can print as few as 25 copies. Create your own design, using the printer’s software and request a test copy before you proceed. Or, hire a Scribe designer to create your covers or a full book design.

Websites & Blogs

A website, with your story or business interests presented in short form, will reach a global market. We can design and upload the site for you. For an extra fee, we’ll write your text too.

A design for a basic site (written by you) costs from $1000 and up, with an additional fee for research and writing. Maybe you’d like to include a blog, to add more stories in serial form? We can look after that too. Call us for a free quote.

A blog is relatively easy to create and maintain on your own, but perhaps you’d like us to do the work for you, from the writing to design. We’ll write your postings and photos to help you reach a worldwide audience. The cost for a blog, which friends and family can enjoy from afar, is minimal for the impact; and all those blogs may lead to a book! Call us for a free quote.

Taped Interviews

Perhaps taped interviews are what you want, to create a legacy for family and friends? We’ll interview you in a series of sessions and produce CDs with an attractive cover. Call us to discuss a plan for the number of interviews and background research required so we can give you a free quote.

Electronic Books

An, with your text and an attractive cover, can be placed on the internet for free or for sale, to be downloaded onto an android device. The advantage here is the savings on printing, which is usually the single most expensive part of a book project. We can help you with all aspects, from writing through editing and design, to the launch of your book on and elsewhere.

Scrapbooks & Photo Books

A scrapbook produced by hand, or designed and printed through a photography shop, is easy to manage on your own. You can print a single copy, or a number of copies. You’ll get a hardbound book in full colour at a very affordable price.