Publication Design

You’ve written your family’s story or an account of your childhood. You’ve spent months—or perhaps years—putting this together and you want it packaged in a book or a blog that looks terrific.

Maybe you plan to sell your book? If the answer is yes, then design fees should be part of your project budget. The overall design, and the cover in particular, is your top sales agent. It’s what sets your book apart on those jammed book shop shelves and on internet lists.

Maybe you want to produce a book for posterity or as a record of your business? If so, invest in a design that will stand the test of time.

Our skilled professionals will work closely with you to achieve a design you love.

What Does It Cost?

A front and back cover will cost $225, plus tax. (Note this fee does not include purchase of photo rights or specialized font fees.)

Consider a full book design to give your publication a look that rivals the top professional publishing houses. Costs may vary, so call us for a quote. A longer book of about 100,000 words, with up to 25 photos and some maps, might cost $720, plus tax.

Note that paper choice, orientation, size, binding, and colour all affects the price of printing.

Web Site and Blog Design

Websites: Beautiful graphics, layout and the internet savvy to get your website up and running requires a combo of specialized skills. Our designer can handle all aspects of your site, from the design to the exacting business of uploading it onto the internet, and maintaining it.

Ester Strijbos will give you a free consultation and a quote, with some examples to help you plan your site. You can write the text yourself, with some free tips as guidance, or we’ll write it for you for an additional fee.

Blogs: Do you want to add a blog to your website—or perhaps all you want is a blog? We can look after all the details for you. We’ll set up the blog and for an additional fee we’ll write your text, to be posted in serial form. Relatives, friends and fans from afar can follow your postings, which may form the basis of a book.

3 Decades of Art, cover designed by Erika Hargreaves.

3 Decades of Art, cover designed by Erica Hargreaves.