Does your writers’ group, book club or community association want a writing workshop on family history, memoir, biography or community history? Perhaps they’d like a one-day workshop or a series spread over several weekends?

Choose Your Topic

We’re flexible about both the timing and content, which can cover any of the subjects below—plus more:

• A Quick Overview of Historical Research.
• Tips for Organizing Your Materials.
• Create a Subject Timeline & a Short Sketch.
• Overcome Writer’s Block.
• Consider Genre Choices and the Writer’s Point of View.
• Develop a Story Structure and Plan.
• Learn the Basics of the Nonfiction Writers’ Craft.
• Explore Publication Options.

Your Role as a Workshop Host

We’ll deliver the talks, materials and promotional materials. You do the rest—from the promotion, registrations and finances, to the venue arrangements.

Workshop Fees

This is another of our bargain introductory rates!

We charge $250 for a Scribes instructor, per six-hour day, plus travel, meals, accommodation and $10 per person for a handbook. For both our instructors to attend (and we recommend this for dynamic impact) the fee is $500 per six-hour day.

Workshop expenses can be divided among a group of up to sixteen. The per person fee depends upon the combined expenses, from instruction to venue costs, but could be as low as $45 per day.