You’ve written, reworked and revised your life writing or autobiography and think it’s ready for publication—but you’re not sure… Maybe there are some story flow issues or insidious typos rendered invisible by all the hard work of revisions? What you need is a Scribes editor.

What’s the Difference Between Substantive & Line by Line Editing?

We offer two levels of editing: substantive, to catch the global issues; and line by line, to help you prepare for a final draft. You may need both, or just one of these services. We’ll help you determine that in a preliminary chat, at no charge.

Both these stages of editing will guide your revisions. Our editors are trained professionals who pay attention to details and the complex nuances of the writing craft. You’ll get some terrific insights that respect you audience goals, distinctive style and sensibilities.

How Do the Stages of Editing Work?

Editing requires training, finesse and impeccable attention to detail. Learn about the stages of editing, and how to make it work for you in an overview by The Scribes.

Jeanette Taylor preparing for a writing class.

Jeanette Taylor preparing for a writing class.