Scribes’ Service Questionnaire

We love to help others develop their nonfiction stories to share!

Please complete this questionnaire to help us prepare a quote and discuss your particular needs further.

This questionnaire relates to the following services:

• Writing Coach
• Manuscript Review
• Editing
• Publication & Website Design
• Ghost Writing or a Writing Partner

Depending upon which of the above services you require, you may only need to complete parts of this questionnaire.


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1. What’s the genre of your publication?

2. What’s your personal goal for writing this account?

3. Who is your intended audience?

(This sometimes emerges as you write, but perhaps you already know?)

4. What kind of end product do you want to create?

If you selected other, please give us some details.

5. Give us an overview of your subject in 100 words or less:

6.Do you know the overall theme, or point, of your story?

(Sometimes this doesn’t emerge until the writing is in process.)
Example: In Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol the theme is redemption.

7.Does the story have a central character, a protagonist?

(Describe him or her in 50 words or less)

8.What are the service(s) you need assistance with?

If you selected other, please give us some details.

9. For writers, have you begun work? If so, what stage are you at?

For Those Who Want a Writing Coach:

10.What are your project challenges?

subject research

organization of your materials

figuring out what to leave out

story structure—where does it start, rise to a crescendo, and end

creative writing skills to make your subject and characters spring to life

defining a point of view to write from

ways to overcome writer’s block

where to start the story – and where to end

methods for self-editing

options for publication

how to manage a self-published project for retail sales


If you selected other above, please give us some details.

11. Have you had professional training or workshop(s) in creative writing?

For Those Who Want a Manuscript Review or an Editor,
please complete questions 1 to 9.

12. How many drafts have you completed?

13. Do you need:

For Those Who Want a Publication & Website Design

14. For a publication, do you want:

a full design of the book, including front & back cover

front & back cover design

full colour

black and white

15. For websites and/or blogs, do you want:

a website (no blog)

a website with a blog

a website text writer

For Those Who Want Ghost Writing or a Writing Partner

16. For websites and/or blogs, do you want: