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Maria Carlotta Boond’s Mysterious Death on Quadra Island, B.C.

Maria Carlotta Boond’s Tangled Web
There were no twists of smoke rising from Maria Boond’s chimney. Nor were there any tracks in the snow around her cottage on the hill overlooking a jumble of seine boats and trollers in Quathiaski Cove. That was odd. But lots of things were odd about Maria Carlotta Boond—so her neighbours didn’t intrude. However, when a young man came to see a piano Maria had for sale he was alarmed by the creepy silence of the place and alerted the people next door, who called the police. That’s when they found Maria and her lover […]

A First Step in a Writing Project: Identify Your Audience

Identify Your Audience as a First Step in Your Writing Project
It Determines Content, Voice, Tone and Language
Writing is a complex form of communication. You’re speaking to people who must decipher your ideas through the filter of their own perspective, experiences, culture and education level. But, unlike a conversation, if your book or blog post doesn’t deliver they can walk away.

So who is your audience? Answering this question should be one of your first considerations. Start with a generalized statement about a broad spectrum of readers—and then get specific. Make notes, because writing causes us to think in more depth.
Make Notes […]