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Writing about a Story’s Setting

The Story’s Setting can be a Dynamic Force
Setting is more than just the place where the action unfolds. It can be a compelling force that keeps the story in a readers’ mind years later. It can shape or mirror the unfolding drama, as a metaphor or with such intensity that it can be counted as one of the the characters.

Document the details of your setting–whether real or imagined–in exacting detail. Note sensory perceptions, the moods, weather, plants, animals, contours and changeability.
Document Impressions of the Setting
Here’s some things to consider as you make journal notes about your story’s locale:

What’s the weather like? (Describe […]

Memoirs require focus, perspective and clarity

Totem Poles and Tea, by Hughina Harold
A Stellar Example of a Memoir with a Focused Theme
Every writer hopes their book will be in print a decade after its release—but that’s not often the case—especially with local history memoirs. The first edition of Totem Poles and Tea did not get off to a promising start, thanks to a drab cover and its incongruous title, but Hughina Harold’s clear, focused writing—and great stories—triumphed and the book continues to be read.

Hughina’s subject is the two years she spent in the combined job of school teacher and nurse in the isolated Kwakwaka’wakw village […]