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Pioneer school on Quadra Island, BC

A Lesson in Inequity
Remembering one of Quadra Island, BC’s First Schools
Katie Walker’s childhood home, at the Methodist Mission in the We-Wai-Kai people’s village, was too far away for her to attend Quadra Island’s new public school. But after her parents took her to the first Christmas concert there in 1895, she longed to go.

It took the Walkers over two hours to hike through the snow to the school, with a stop to join friends, who invited Katie’s mother aboard their jingling ox sleigh. The schoolhouse was crowded, in spite of the weather, and Katie marveled at the student’s recitations and songs. […]

Writing Blocks

Things That Keep Us From Writing
Annette and I pose questions in every series of writing classes about what blocks people. Here’s some common gremlins and solutions:

• You’re too busy. Solutions: Everyone is. Dedicate a specific time daily (or at least weekly) to write and stick to it. Maybe you have to rise at 6:00 a.m. to write for an hour a day?

• You’re overwhelmed by a mass of research, ideas or memories. Solutions: Plan the narrative: make a chronological list of events; write biographical character sketches (which may include yourself); put a point form list of scenes into tentative order; write the […]