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Readers Want Engaging Characters

A Writer’s Primary Story Hook is Engaging Characters
Post by: Annette Yourk, October 2015
No subject in itself, however fruitful, appears to be able to keep a narrative alive. Only the characters in it can.–Edith Wharton.
You can collect (or in the case of fiction, create) a thousand facts on the characters you’re writing about, but facts don’t make a character; not one your readers will eagerly embrace. You may know your characters back to front, but do not spin out a character summary. Readers will relate to your characters the way they meet people in life – a little at a […]

Lily Joy Ward’s grave at Bold Point, BC

A Century Old Grave at Bold Point, BC

Lily Joy Ward’s writing still sparkles with vitality and personality in the essays, letters and poems she wrote for the BC coast magazine, The Log of the Columbia, over a century ago. She wanted to be remembered–but until two years ago her grave was lost to even her closest descendants.

Lily opened her heart to her readers, sometimes sharing views that ran contrary to Victorian conventions. She also challenged practices in her rural logging community, at Bold Point on Quadra Island, BC, protesting against the shooting of eagles and the brutal destruction of BC’s forests. She wondered […]