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A glimpse into The Sage Hill Writing Experience.

Superb Summer Writing Retreat  
At night I go to bed exhausted and full. Mornings I wake up smiling and reach for pen and paper or laptop at an ungodly hour. Between intensive sessions of writing, critique, revision, development; opportunities to decompress with a walk, alone or with like-minded others, on the prairie.

 All day long: thoughts, characters, scenes, complications, red herrings, right words, wrong words, recalcitrant sentences, corpulent paragraphs, dropped threads.

Caught up in these atmospheric whirlpools and wind sculpted cloud surges, we co-habit with each others’ swirling ideas and visions; trysts between language and vocabulary; arguments between situation and story. […]

Fiction Writer’s Book Has Applications for Nonfiction

A Stellar Book about Writing Fiction (& Nonfiction)
Write Away, One Novelist’s Approach to Fiction and the Writing Life, Elizabeth George
This slim volume by Elizabeth George, creator of the Inspector Linley series, is the best I’ve read to date about writing fiction–with lots of applications for nonfiction too! My co-blogger Annette Yourk often cites this book—so I put it on top of my summer reading stack. And she was right. George has a clear and articulate voice, with ideas based on her own successful practice and lots of teaching.

George runs through all the big questions, from what’s at the heart […]