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Bute Inlet

Let’s Change the Name Mount Waddington to Mount Klatsassin
Bute Inlet has some of the most dramatic mountain scenery on the BC coast. Dr. Rod Nugent, on board a recent Mothership Adventures cruise, likened the fjord to the Grand Canyon. The highest mountain in BC, Mount Waddington, towers like an up-thrust finger above the Homathko River Valley on a clear day. It’s surrounded by many other grand peaks.

Some people believe the name of this mountain should be changed to Klatsassin, rather than honouring a man who sparked a war and many deaths. Here’s the story.
A Failed Attempt to Build a […]

Creative Nonfiction Brings More Life to a Biography

Are You Curious about Creative Nonfiction?
Here’s a Terrific Summer Read: The Paper Garden, by Molly Peacock
A captivating example of creative nonfiction is the biography The Paper Garden by Molly Peacock. The author juggles multiple subjects, including her own story, in the hallmark form of this genre. Her views and personality resonate with the same clarity as her primary subject: “Mrs. Delany,” a 17th century English artist and correspondent, who created hundreds of flower mosaics from layers of hand-coloured paper. Peacock uses her close up examination of these mosaics, held in a major British museum, as metaphors for Delany’s inner […]