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Tracing Family Roots on Read Island and in Port Neville, BC

Searching for Daisy on Read Island & in Port Neville, BC
Here’s a guest post from Lois Wade, with a second installment of the story of her discovery of her grandmother Daisy Lang’s hidden childhood. See the full story of the love triangle and murder Lois and her family uncovered when they began to put the details of Daisy’s past together:  And for more, check the latest edition of Harbour Publishing’s Raincoast Chronicles:
Exploring Burdwood Bay on Read Island 

Our adventure began aboard the Misty Isles ( with Jeanette Taylor as our guide and story teller. Jeanette pointed out a white lilac tree, […]

Writing Scenes in Memoir

Scenes & Credibility in Personal Narrative
It was a resplendent spring day. Light refracted into thousands of suns on the water. There was friendly conversation as students arrived at the seaside studio and settled in for our last session. We had just got started and the front door burst open.

A woman with a bundle under her arm, a feisty look, jet black hair and eyeliner strode in. She dropped her bundle on the table, which landed with the thump of a sandbag and said, “I’m here for the course” she said. “This is the most incredible story you will ever read. […]