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Find the Theme in Your Narrative to Hone Your Writing Process

What is Your Narrative Really About?
Most writing instructors talk about the need to identify the theme—or the essence—of your piece. This is something you should be able to express in a short statement that slices straight into the heart of your narrative. Uncovering the theme, as they acknowledge, can be one of the more evasive challenges a writer faces. For some a theme emerges during the writing of a detailed outline and directs the work that follows, but for many it doesn’t appear until a later draft. However it may be revealed, theme is the electric current that runs […]

A New Approach to Writing a Biography of Jane Austen

Here’s a New Approach to Writing a Biography
Book Review: The Real Jane Austen, A Life in Small Things, Paula Byrne
Perhaps you’re writing a biography and want a fresh approach? Or maybe you’re a fellow “Janeite” longing for new insights into the author’s inspiration and ideas? Both can be found in Paula Byrne’s new biography The Real Jane Austen, A Life in Small Things (2013). Byrne approaches her subject from a unique perspective. She didn’t follow the usual linear path, starting from Austen’s birth on a snowy winter morning in 1775, but instead approaches her subject from thematic subjects. Her […]