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Writing Exercise Prompted by a Photograph

A Writing Prompt Using a Photograph as Inspiration
Photographs capture the surface details we need to draw readers into our created realities, whether it be fiction or nonfiction. And the subjects they contain can raise questions about relationship dynamics and personality quirks, helping us piece together character profiles.

For one of our writing exercises, Annette and I invite participants to choose an intriguing photograph that relates to their current project:

1. Look at that photo very closely. Make a list. What’s happening there? Describe your emotional response. What can you say about the people or their stories? What can you surmise about […]

What Writing Genre is the Best Fit for You?

Writing Choices,
Expectations, Conventions & Perils.
What is your Genre?
The author creates a fictional world through imagination, creativity, design AND reality. Researches for accuracy, authenticity and believability. Must examine yourself and your characters. As a creator of character, you must understand people; be interested in all sorts and what makes them tick. Must be a keen observer. The goal: transport readers from their mundane world to embrace the fictional dream.

Perils: author gets lost down the rabbit hole of invention. Subplots, backstory, supporting characters, and converging conflicts create problems with unity, integrity, and continuity. Author bias another peril.
Short Fiction
This form doesn’t […]