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Photographs Can Provide Details for Writers

Photographs as a Research Source for Historical Writing
Photographs can be an inspiration can be rich with details, but we tend to pass them over as a superficial source that give no more than a vague sense of a time or place. Take a closer look. Photographs can be loaded with emotion, information, sensory and concrete details—all the good things you want for writing that resonates with life.
What Are the Circumstances of This Family?

In one of our writing classes Annette and I invited students to speculate about the details of a Victorian family, based on this portrait. The results were […]

Where to Start a Fiction or Nonfiction Narrative

What to Include in the Opening Scene of your Memoir, Family History, Biography or Fiction
This is a continuation of several posts on this subject. 

Somewhere in the first page or two you’ll want to include a scene. This is where the reader gets dropped into the action to experience this story with you. Dialogue is a vital element of scenes, in fiction and memoir, but if you open directly with one it’s best to keep the dialogue to a minimum. The reader needs to get to know your characters before she can follow their conversations.

You should introduce your main character(s) […]