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Do You Want Feedback on your Writing? Get it From a Writer!

Peer Review and Feedback – What’s it all about?
Writing powerful well-crafted stories is a life’s work. Like any demanding job with high standards, sometimes we need some help from the side. Guided peer review can provide that helping hand. However, trepidation around receiving perceived criticism can prevent writers from participating in peer review.

Some students cannot let go of their original words. Others never feel ready:
“One more rewrite of chapter three…” “The ending still needs work…”
Writer trepidation is sometimes rooted in a past critique experience that was painful, embarrassing and damaging to the writer’s confidence. When peer review and feedback […]

Tips for Nonfiction Writers on Self Editing

More on Self-Editing
No matter your level of experience, the first draft of a writing project, whether it’s a blog post or a book length manuscript, will need revisions—if not a major overhaul. This is an expansion of ideas presented in an earlier post:

Here’s a typical self-editing process:

• Set the manuscript aside for a few weeks to clear your mind and gain objectivity.

• Reread it on screen and make adjustments as you go. If you get stuck or stalled, highlight that trouble spot and move on. Maybe there’s a piece that needs more research? Highlight that too and continue.

• With […]

Book Review: Write Your Life Story

Book Review: Write Your Life Story, The Complete Guide to Creating a Personal Memoir
Are you getting set to write a family history or memoir? If you want a catch all guide to writing in this genre Karen Ulrich’s book, written for Reader’s Digest, is a great choice.

Write Your Life Story covers every aspect of the subject, from generating ideas and organizing information to writing craft tips, beating writer’s block, and publication options. Ulrich presents each topic in short form, honing her thoughts to the crucial elements. And for those who want more, Ulrich cites and sometimes quotes rich sources “from […]