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Feedback on Your Family History or Memoir Draft is Helpful

Peer Writing Critiques
Part I: The Process of Self Editing
There’s a point where you become blind to the rough spots in your writing. Even the passages of brilliant phrasing are lost on you. It’s time for feedback. And the best kind to get is from a fellow writer, who knows the craft and how to give a thoughtful response that appraises the words, not the writer. Resist the temptation to call for this help too soon. Your work must go through many revisions before it’s ready for another’s eyes.

Here’s the process most writers—no matter how experienced—will have followed before calling […]

Pictographs of the Inner Coast of British Columbia

Rock Art of the Inner Coast of BC
Part II: The Broughton Islands & Mainland Inlets

Here’s a photo collection that complements a previous posting about rock art, where you’ll find background information and photos:. While that article featured a few of the many sites throughout the Discovery Islands, this one takes you north to the Broughton Archipelago, with its own distinctive styles and symbols.

While the pictographs (paintings on stone) of the Discovery Islands often feature fish, faces and highly abstracted forms, many of the Broughtons pictos record potlatches (a social, political and economic system orchestrated through gatherings where wealth […]