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Book Reviews for Creative Nonfiction

Books about Writing Creative Nonfiction
You’re keen to capture wide readership for your nonfiction writing and you’re intrigued by the buzz around “creative nonfiction”—but you’re not clear about what it is. Some believe it relates to writing that’s ‘largely’ nonfiction, jazzed up with some imagined scenes and dialogue, but that’s not the case. Proponents of creative nonfiction challenge us to plumb the depths of our creativity AND stick to the facts.

Your work begins in the research phase, where you collect material that allows you to inject colour, sensation and emotion into your narrative. Collect, analyze and interpret the facts—that’s a […]

Writing a Family History as a Healing Process

Family History as a Healing Process

Lisa Chaston is an extraordinary person. She’s a tenacious survivor of adversity, some of which is the result of health issues, and some that’s generational. Lisa has worked hard on her recovery, assisted in large measure by a family research project that involved a series of interviews with her beloved Gram, Mary (Leask) Joyce.

“I realized I didn’t know anything about my Gram, nothing about her as a person or about her life. I thought I was doing these interviews for her,” says Lisa, but she soon realized it was a two-way exchange that had […]

Tribal Journeys Canoes Arrive at Cape Mudge on Canada Day

Tribal Journeys Canoes Arrive at Cape Mudge on Canada Day
Hundreds–perhaps as many as a thousand–people gathered at the We-Wai-Kai First Nation Village on Quadra Island on Canada Day to welcome canoes participating in the Tribal Journeys, which is travelling the coast. As in days gone by, the We-Wai-Kai people treated residents, visitors and over 100 paddlers—“pullers”—to a grand welcome and a feast.

The crowded beach and drumming of paddles against canoes, answered by singers and drummers on shore, was once a common feature of life in this village. In 1892 a series of potlatches was reported on in provincial newspapers, […]