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Start a Writing Project

Guest Post from Jocelyn Reekie:     This is one of two posts coming your way from writer, publisher and Scribes editor Jocelyn Reekie, with some thoughts on the beginning stages of a writing project. Jocelyn  is a regular reviewer for Canadian Materials Magazine and a multidisciplinary artist with her own website: JReekie Books & Art,, where you can follow her personal blog.
What Every Good Story Needs
How Stories Announce Themselves

…For most writers, whatever the exercise that precedes the story, there comes the moment when the initiating impulse—whether it be character, or events, or ideas—has triggered a fluttering throb […]

The Wards of Bold Point, Quadra Island, BC

A Forgotten Grave at Bold Point, Quadra Island, BC

The little community at Bold Point, on Quadra Island, BC, doesn’t have an official cemetery, but there are a few random graves. One is at a crossroads above an old steamship dock. Its granite headstone, enclosed within iron palings, is in memory of a couple of dogs and a horse. The other is to the west of this, on private land that was once part of a large cattle ranch. This grave has no headstone, just the corner pins of a former enclosure hidden by tall grasses and a lilac bush.

This […]

How to Start Your Family History or Memoir

Pique Reader Interest at the Start of Your Family History or Memoir
Are you puzzled about where to start your narrative? Let that question brew and jump in at whatever point  you’re most familiar with—and excited about. You can back up later and start at the beginning. There are several advantages to this. You’ll get rolling and the ingredients needed for an opener will become clearer as you write and the story takes shape.

There’s a lot riding on the first few sentences, and the first chapter in general. You want it to snap with energy and to have forward movement. […]