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A New Wilderness Park on Quadra Island, BC

Explore a New Wilderness Park on Quadra Island
A new wilderness park, a place with lots of history, was announced last month by the BC Parks Branch. They’ve secured 395 hectares of land, a jigsaw puzzle piece that lies at the heart of two existing parks on north Quadra Island.  The funding arrangements required years of negotiation and a coalition of donors, including islanders, but it’s a prize well worth the effort!

Plan a hike or a kayak trip to celebrate. A great day hike starts near the end of the Granite Bay Road, on the trail to Newton Lake. At […]

Conflict is the Dynamic Force in Family History Writing

Bring on the Conflict and Tension…
Conflict is a vital story ingredient. It’s the thing that keeps readers on the hook, be it fiction or nonfiction. Your protagonist—whether it’s a person, the story of a family, a corporation or a community—has goals. Some of what he or she wanted to achieve got thwarted, and that is where reader interest lies.

“In life, conflict often carries negative connotations,” says Janet Burroway in the Norton guide Writing Fiction, “yet in fiction [and creative nonfiction], be it comic or tragic, dramatic conflict is fundamental because in literature only trouble is interesting.”
Find the Conflict in Your […]

What You Need to Know to Start a Writing Project

Questions to Guide the Start of a Writing Project
Have you got a nonfiction book in mind? Perhaps it’s a biography, family history or memoir? Here’s some questions to consider at the outset—and to review again as you work on the first draft:

Who will your audience be? What content, style of writing and presentation interests them?

Will it be a traditional book, blog, e-book, commercial book, self-published book, photo book, recipe-based book?

Do you want to pitch your manuscript to a publisher? (Unless it’s a guidebook, you need a “universal” theme that speaks to a broad cross-section of people, polished writing, some […]