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Nonfiction Writing Workshop on Cortes Island, April 5 & 6, 2014

Nonfiction Writing Workshop on Beautiful Cortes Island
April 5 & 6, 2014 
Do you need some inspiration and a few tricks of the trade to get you started on a long-thought-of writing project? Enroll in a nonfiction writing workshop and retreat on beautiful Cortes Island April 5 & 6. The workshop, offered by the Cortes Literacy Now program and the Cortes Island Museum, runs both afternoons, with some long walks on the island’s stunning beaches in between.
Explore Concepts for Writing Family History, Biography, Memoir or a Project of Your Choice
The instructors, Jeanette Taylor and Annette Yourk, have a diversity of experience and […]

Inject Life into Nonfiction Writing

Scribes in Conversation
Integrating Creative Nonfiction into Traditional History Writing
Hello again, Jeanette;

Congratulations on stepping back into your manuscript. It takes courage and resolve to beat back the forces of resistance. But you’ve done it—you’ve resuscitated your creative work and will continue breathing life back into it. Perhaps some of these musings about genre will contribute to the process.

As you “test-drive” integrating creative non-fiction into history, I can see how dialogue in particular would set off the alarm bells of the history gatekeepers. You’ve used scenes to bring more vigor to the narrative, but given genre constraints, most are half scenes and […]

Is Your Writing Blocked? Try Freewriting!

Break Through Writing Resistance
Jeanette and I have found that the majority of participants in our classes, despite a lifetime of writing in one way or another, still have momentous challenges in getting their story down. New skills must be developed to capture a story with engaging, purposeful and focused prose. This is a hard pill to swallow. Any narrative (family history, memoir, and biography, and fiction) is built on a series of connected events that amount to a story. It also includes description, setting, context, characters, conflict, and a framing of events.

But back to the hard pill… Many among […]