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Disturbing the Dead, A Read Island, B.C. Tale

Disturbing the Dead?
The Smith/Land Family of Read Island & Port Neville, BC 

Daisy Pearl McLennan told her family very little about her childhood, but she couldn’t resist a prideful boast that she’d been the first white child born on Read Island, BC, on February 12, 1893. She said her mother died in childbirth and shortly thereafter her heartbroken father sent her to an orphanage, where he sometimes visited. When she came of age she lived with her father for a time. And that was it. End of story.

But, Daisy’s birth date matched that of a child born into very difficult […]

Courage Is Grace Under Pressure (Ernest Hemingway)

Courage Is Grace Under Pressure (Ernest Hemingway)
Think of yourself as a big game hunter.

Not the rugged steel-eyed type in a 4WD Landcruiser; 40 gallon tank full of fuel, bolt action repeating rifle with telescopic sights, and the open savannah where predator meets prey.

Not the well-heeled trophy hunter with a protective backup of scouts, driver, and extra artillery. No.

I’m talking about your great-great-great+ hunter-gatherer ancestor who ran down antelope bare footed, spear in hand, and mostly naked. The one who had to rely entirely on embodied physical, mental and spiritual resources to sustain the steady pace that would eventually exhaust […]